Stop what you’re doing, open Chrome, and navigate to the Lighthouse tool — you’re going to need it

Neon Google sign
Neon Google sign
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Spoiler: It wasn’t easy (or cheap), there’s also a bit about cheese

A social media “like” bible made into a neon sign
A social media “like” bible made into a neon sign
Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

Some aren’t what you think

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1. Care

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And why my need to solve problems guided me back.

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How many times can you refresh the stats page before it’s considered a problem?

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That you can learn in 10 minutes.

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1. Write reusable code

Nothing makes me happier than when I have to update someone else’s code to find out it’s written it in a reusable way.

  • Is the bit of text/code used in multiple places?
  • Can I write a reusable function that will solve multiple issues across the application?
  • Am I going to come back to the web application and spend…

It’s an elegant solution to a problem that will naturally arise as we slowly make the switch to all-electric.

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